What actually is Thermo House?

The Thermo House brand offers several green construction methods and solutions for perfect insulation of new and old buildings. We incorporate the best quality Israeli and European standard bearing insulation materials to prevent thermal loss by applying a perfect thermal envelope. Golmat is proud to be the first Israeli company that provides such comprehensive and impeccable solutions for thermal home insulation.

How are external walls insulated according to Thermo House methods?

First of all, we apply the proper adhesive (WEBER THERM 310) to your walls and bond insulation panels in place. Next, we secure the insulation with the proper anchors. When this is complete we coat the panels with two layers of WENER THERM 320 colors and place “interglass” mesh between the layers. Two days afterwards, the walls are ready for plastering. This process is done by Thermo House company certified professionals for the best results.

Where can I order Thermo House wall insulation systems?

Thermo House required materials are available at any construction supply depot. Materials are sold by meter and in packages that include insulation, adhesive, fastening anchors, plastering mesh and coating material. Corners and other additional accessories are sold separately.

Which are the most recommended insulation materials?

We recommend using iSOVER or IZOCAM stone wool boards imported by Golmat. IZOCAM stone wool bears SII (including Eco- friendly classification) and European standards, and meets the requirements for a US standard.

What are the special benefits of insulation by the Thermo House method?

Thermo House is green construction at its best. Scientists around the world determined that proper exterior insulation of new and old homes and residential buildings may save up to 80% in heating and AC costs. In addition, such insulation reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions due to lower electric, gas or kerosene consumption.

Is this method already applied around the world and does it bear any standards?

The method is required according to EU standard building codes, and is thereby applied in all EU countries. It meets the requirements of European ETAG 004 EOTA standards.

I am an architect/contractor wishing to incorporate Thermo House methods in my projects. How can I learn more?

Golmat offers a variety of seminars, meetings and technical workshops for professionals. Contact us soon, register in the next available workshop and learn about revolutionary solutions and cutting edge green construction.