Thermo House – External Wall Insulation Systems

Golmat Ltd., the leading Israeli acoustics and insulation supply and construction company, is very proud to present the ETICS outdoor insulation system. A state of the art combination of cutting edge insulation by iSOVER with finishing materials by WEBER, both of the SAINT GOBAIN family, create a perfect external wall insulation system that deserves our motto "Best quality wall to wall service and unique solutions" The Thermo House system is the only such solution available in Israel and is considered the most reliable choice in the Israeli green construction market. GLUE, SECURE, SEAL, PLASTER

Why an external wall insulation system is so crucial?

Thermal loss is almost unavoidable when structures have just indoor insulation layers. External insulation layers, however, cover the entire structure and maintain the best possible thermal condition. With our method, all thermal losses may be prevented for the best thermal solution. We can thereby consume the minimum energy while keeping our domestic standard of living easy and comfortable. Thermo House systems also prevent the harmful expansion, contraction and cracking of walls resulting from temperature changes and thus extend the lifespan of buildings. Therefore, external insulation of walls is very crucial.

Thermo House Systems

An affordable solution: Thermo House insulation systems are a great investment and may save up to 60% of domestic energy costs. This is what green construction is all about. A professional long range solution: the system protects the walls so refurbishment and repair are not required for many years. A complete, comprehensive solution: Every insulation issue is addressed and solved by Thermo House system elements. A decorative solution: the elegant, slick and uniform wall facades of Thermo House systems add to the buildings' value. A healthy and eco-friendly solution in the spirit of green construction: this eco-friendly system prevents pollution and preserves the environmental balance.